Matt Murrow - Bass

Place of Birth: New Orleans, LA
Sign: No U Turn
Musical Experience: 2 years...In Monroe, Louisiana I played in a rock band called Renoloner; LC Smoove, a funky dance/party band, and the Hoppy Hallman jazz trio
Favorite Color: don't have one
Favorite Movies: Harold and Kumar, Road Trip, Team America
Favorite Food: Popeye's fried chicken
Favorite Drink: Newcastle
Favorite Music: the good stuff
Best gig ever performed: wouldn't know
Worst gig ever: what?
First band you were in: RenoLoner
Latest CD you bought: Herbie Hancock "Thrust"
First recording you owned: ????
Favorite Vacation spot: anywhere
Hobbies: sleep
When I grow up, I want to be: a bass player