John Whitten - Lead Vocals

Place of Birth: Houston, Texas
Nickname: "Freeze...and put your hands in the air."
Sign: Sagittarius with Virgo rising
Musical Experience: Yes
Musical Influences: Music
Favorite Color: Plum
Favorite Movies: Anything with subtitles
Favorite Food: Government Cheese
Favorite Drink: Anything free
Favorite Music: I like music
Best gig ever performed: Carnegie Hall(insert name drop here.)
Worst gig ever: I don't like to talk about it(twitch-twitch.)
First band you were in: KISS tribute band circa 1976. It was just me, a tennis racket and a bottle of ketchup. Rock On!
Latest CD you bought: Did you say "burned" or "bought?"
First recording you owned: KISS "Love Gun"
Favorite Vacation spot: My mind
Hobbies: Breathing
When I grow up, I want to be: Cool