Blake Kennedy - Manager / Drums

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas
Nickname: Thor..? What's that all about??
Sign: Capricorn
Musical Experience: 25 Years
Musical Influences: Motown, Disco, R&B, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Classical, Trance, Country, Hip Hop, Pop
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movies: Snatch, Gladiator, Boon Dock Saints, Heat, The God Father
Favorite Food: Thai
Favorite Drink: Miller Lite
Favorite Music: Aretha Franklin, Commodores, Gap Band, Cameo, Dwight Yoakam, Chris Isaak, Sade, Led Zep, Pantera, Soundgarden, Disturbed, CCR, Korn, Metallica, did I mention I like music? Tool, Miles Davis, Mozart
Best gig ever performed: Opening band for Pantera
Worst gig ever: No comment
First band you were in: U3.. Garage band
Latest CD you bought: Joss Stone - Introducing Joss Stone
First recording you owned: Janis Joplin-Cheap Thrills
Favorite Vacation spot: Ireland
Hobbies: Music, Boxing, Surfing, Motorcycles, Indy Racing
When I grow up, I want to be: My Wife's Bicycle Seat